Posted in July 2010

Got Cash?

South Carolina lender Advance America Cash Advance, Inc knows how manage through what the rest of banking, lending and finance has been recently relearning: steepening regulation and a tough industrial public image. Cash America’s Chairman Billy Webster, discusses the current environment and challenges with Chris William, Dr. Frank Hefner of the College of Charleston and … Continue reading

The Dalton Gang

NC Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton chats post-show with Sherre DeMao, Dr. Kelly Shaver and Chris William. Walter and Lucille Dalton on set with Chris William. See the post below for a full length video of the broadcast interview. Photos courtesy of Daniel Coston.

Second In Command. First Rate Idea.

North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton thinks he has the answer to put an increasingly number of unemployed back to work, for good. While still a Tar Heel State Senator, he sponsored a bill to establish a progressive program called ‘Early Colleges’. He joins Chris William, Sherre DeMao of SLD Unlimited and Dr. Kelly Shaver … Continue reading

Almost Against All Odds

South Carolina’s morally charged debate in 2001-2002 around institutional para-mutual betting is not completely forgotten. However, the sweetness of financial success does clearly take some of the heat of out that argument. Now, some 8 years later, the SC Education Lottery has at least, proved that you can walk the knife edge between not acutely … Continue reading

The Green Flag

With much fanfare and more than a passing interest in initial attendance numbers, the NASCAR Hall Of Fame debuted in Charlotte earlier this summer. Executive Director and the venerated voice of Motor Racing Network Winston Kelley joined Chris William, AAA Carolinas Tom Crosby and the Center for Carolina Living founder Patrick Mason on this week’s … Continue reading