Posted in September 2010

On The Topic Of Energy…..

Recently in NYC and standing with some of Charlotte’s senior business leadership, Former President Bill Clinton announced Envision: Charlotte. A first and definitive step toward some of the Queen City’s most prominent uptown real estate high rises reducing energy use by some 20% over the next 5 years. A panel of Alternative Energy practitioners discuss … Continue reading

Duke Energy’s Other Jim

It almost sounds like a Cat In The Hat story: Jim #1 and Jim #2. In business together, but who is who? There’s the outside Jim and the inside Jim. There’s fun and profit for me and you! More seriously, CEO Jim Rogers and COO Jim Turner have seemingly worked successfully in concert for years. … Continue reading

South Carolina’s Senior Statesman

When it truly seems there is a real dearth of gown up’s in charge, alternatives to the lack of measured, level-headed leadership can be found in the senior ranks. Upstate SC attorney David Wilkins more than qualifies. The Palmetto State’s former Speaker of The House and US Ambassador to Canada has a unique POV and … Continue reading


In NC, the Research Triangle Park has proved that long term thinking can have long lasting and wide reaching effects. Interestingly RTP’s first tenant is not only still there, but has flourished along with the Park. RTI International has taken the opaque business of research and practical application and made it very lucrative for RTI’s … Continue reading

See The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss?

Words immortalized in the classic song by The Who, ‘see the new boss, same as the old boss’ is not necessarily true. Long time community leader/volunteer Brad Wilson moves into the C-suite at Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC. When it comes to the rapidly evolving world of health care, Wilson takes a different tack … Continue reading