Posted in June 2010

Clemson’s Tiger-In-Chief

Recently, Clemson University’s Trustees announced a controversial tuition hike. Sans that, what other critical strategy and fiscal moves is the Palmetto State’s land-grant university planning? James Barker from Clemson talks tough about strategy and the future of the venerated Upstate South Carolina school.

An Insider With An Outside POV (Pt.1)

The last 2 decades since his unsuccessful attempt to ascend to this nation’s highest political office, Micheal Dukakis has been busy. For Massachusetts’ longest serving Governor and the 1988 Presidential Candidate, the last few years have certainly included extensive writing and lecturing on health care, actively working on transit and transportation and teaching at schools … Continue reading

New Reality and Accountability at Non-Profits

Given our new reality in personal and municipal budgets, what does it hold for the near and long term at Charitable organizations? Just as crucial, how do these groups need to manage authoritative oversight? A 2-Part series with a group of knowledgeable leaders discuss the challenges in the Not-For-Profit industry. Ginny Amendum of Thompson Child … Continue reading