Posted in May 2011

Virtual Medicine

Sixteen years after its merger with St. Joseph’s hospitals, Asheville-based Mission Health is working to shed the state-monitoring which, according to its leader, has hampered the organization’s ability to compete with other healthcare providers doing business in the region. On this program, Mission Health CEO Dr. Ron Paulus addresses the debate surrounding the Certificate of Public Advantage … Continue reading


More than four decades after the business was founded by his father, Chuck Howard now runs a car wash empire with locations in four states. Expansion has continued in spite of a recession and the rigorous zoning laws in some communities in which Auto Bell would like to operate. Tom Smith of The Gate City’s … Continue reading

Fiscal Crisis

As North Carolina lawmakers enter the budget season with an estimated $3 billion deficit, House Speaker Thom Tillis is searching for savings in state spending while working to calm the fears of educators and public health advocates. Guest host Steve Crump asks Tillis about toll roads, health care reform and finding bipartisan support in a politically divisive … Continue reading