Posted in April 2011

Red Tape Removal

Dubbed the ‘regulatory czar’ in some media reports announcing her appointment by Governor Nikki Haley, Catherine Templeton’s says she aims to be the antithesis of a stereotypical bureaucrat. While Templeton works to eliminate red tape from the SC Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, she is drawing the ire of organized labor and inquiries from … Continue reading

UnReal Estate

Until recently, residents of the Carolinas felt pretty good about the market price of their homes and the seemingly higher and higher, year over year march of increasing real estate values. It was a given that you buy a home and sell it for more. And, the speculation going on along the Carolina coast was … Continue reading

Inside Baseball at Freddie Mac

In 1970, by act of Congress, the US put in place an Agency to provide liquidity and the ability for many Americans’ to buy their own home. In effect, the Government was guaranteeing to Banks credible citizens who wanted to own their own home. It seemed to work pretty well almost 4 decades. And then … Continue reading

Truly Interesting

Commercial & residential real estate and related construction has and continues to, endure a cathartic experience. A snapshot of our panel that Chris William moderated about where we are now in this lagging industrial sector and our way forward.