Posted in December 2010

Get Fed Information

Dr. Jeffrey Lacker has a unique ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ attitude toward the Federal Reserve’s mission. That’s a good thing. As President of the Richmond Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank and a key member of the Fed’s Open Market Committee, his POV carry’s some weight in managing the direction of this Nation’s financial … Continue reading

The Balance Of Power…

..between fossil fueled energy and nuclear is changing at Scana. Chair, President and CEO Bill Timmerman joins us this time to discuss the current state of the industry amid the new political reality and, what has been, arguably one of the South Carolina Utility’s biggest capital bets. Also rounding out the dialog are economists John … Continue reading

What’s In A Name

At first blush, it is the whimsically sounding name that makes you pause. At the time though, taking a name from a marriage between the fifth and third largest banks seems to make perfect sense. Beyond the moniker, what is the collective intention and direction this Midwestern-born bank has in the Carolinas? Fifth Third Bank … Continue reading