Posted in August 2010

Here’s The Beef

It is hard to argue with long term success. Most especially in food service. When a business survives, and in fact thrives after a generational hand-over, it is worth noticing. Raleigh’s iconic restaurant Angus Barn, under second generation leadership, has built upon founder Thad Eure’s initial vision. The boss’ daughter, Van Eure talks about what … Continue reading

This Week…

…more solid, insight into what makes up our ‘new norm’. Two of the Carolinas premier pundits discuss the good, bad and ugly about our current Carolina business and policy. Bill Mahoney from the SC Research Authority and former NC Supreme Court Justice and Executive Director of the NC Institute for Constitutional Law, Bob Orr join … Continue reading

Squaring The Good And Bad

Caterpillar is the most contemporary multi-job, multi-million dollar capital investment win for the Tar Heel State. When it comes to closely watched job creation, can we survive on the big box manufacturer quest alone? And, how does this increasing acute political season play out as North and South Carolina work through the business cycle? More … Continue reading

When All Else Fails, Go On Holiday

Or so is the way the NC Department of Commerce would like you to lean. With almost 2 decades in Tar Heel State tourism and travel, Assistant Secretary of Marketing, Tourism and Global Branding, Lynn Minges comes back to the discussion. This time, with more leverage from tourism’s strong economic showing this year. Matt Kennell … Continue reading