Posted in February 2011

The Diplomat

Remember the words from the 1989 Billy Joel song: We didn’t start the fire? “It was always burning. Since the world’s been turning” Well, given Middle East events it seems prophetic……..again. This is the current post for CBR; the most widely watched source for Carolina business and public policy. This time an executive profile with … Continue reading

South Carolina’s Private Banker

The march of the State’s CFOs continues. This time SC Treasurer and political newcomer, Curtis Loftis frankly discusses Palmetto State budget short falls, fiscal priorities and the way forward through the economic uncertainty. UNC System senior Economist Dr. John Connaughton and Charlotte Chamber Chief Bob Morgan talk the issues with Chris William this time on … Continue reading

Keeper Of the Public Purse

It is tough enough to manage the family finances in the current economic environment. So, imagine being responsible for the balance sheet of over 9 million North Carolinians? The Tar Heel State’s first female CFO has, arguably the toughest test in 2 generations to keep the State fiscally on an even keel. The Honorable Janet … Continue reading

Rx For Health Care

It is no revelation that the Health Care industry is vast, complex and immensely confusing to most. In fact, by itself it is almost 1/5 of our Nation’s GDP, which makes it larger than many Countries total output. So, it would take a unique person to recognize the whole and strategically think through it. Bill … Continue reading