Posted in August 2011

Political Urbanization

The once-a-decade cycle of the redrawing of voting districts is upon us, along with the normal accusations of partisan politics and back room deals made in the interest of self-preservation. But with the advent of high-tech mapping software and a significant population shift from rural communities to urban centers, this year’s Redistricting may have significant … Continue reading

A One-Two Punch

The region’s municipalities¬†were dealt a one-two punch by the recession: a declining tax base and a dramatic rise in demand for many government services by citizens impacted by job loss. Most local governments have responded by trimming other programs and services which had been deemed vital in good times, but a luxury when the belt-tightening … Continue reading

Research Under the Radar

The people behind some of our country’s most widely circulated research rarely receive public credit for their work. RTI International is a research-for-hire non-profit which operates in the Research Triangle under the public radar, yet employs 2500 people and generates more than $700 million in annual revenue. RTI President & CEO Dr. Victoria Haynes shares … Continue reading

Recession Resistant

Dr. John McConnell has kept Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center on track through the recession. McConnell is steering the organization through a period of growth and regulatory uncertainty while ensuring the research of his staff serves as an economic engine to support the enterprise. Ned Curran of the Bissell Companies and healthcare economist Lynn Bailey … Continue reading