Posted in January 2011

The Sweet Spot

He just may have the best job in State Government. A heartbeat from North Carolina’s top job, real influence among his former colleagues in the General Assembly and the power of a credible bully-pulpit. NC Lt. Governor Walter Dalton this time on CBR. Also, SC Manufacturing Alliance Chief Lewis Gossett and Doug Copeland from the … Continue reading

An Informative Alliance From The Dismal Science

Our four ‘staff’ Economists predict the future…….sort of. In Part 1 of a two-part series, Dr’s John Connaughton, Frank Hefner, John Silvia and Doug Woodward lively debate the 2010 recovery and interpolate how business and political dynamics may play out in this new decade.

The Point Of The Spear

In NC Politics, the leaders of the House and the Senate have a broader impact on policy and the citizenry than the state government CEO. Following last year’s mid-term elections, the newly minted Senate leader is political veteran and attorney Phil Berger. How will this Republican public servant work with his colleague, NC House Speaker … Continue reading