Cultural Impact

Public institutions have been crippled by sometimes drastic budget cuts while struggling to remain prominent in the politic arena. Still, the arts and cultural humanities in both Carolina’s have aided in economic development. Our discussion includes Larry Wheeler, Director of North Carolina Museum of Art, who emphasizes the new developments and philanthropy in the art industry. … Continue reading

Cost of Care

The complexities of our health care system can make it difficult for patients to understand the true cost of their care. Doctors and hospitals are paid by insurers based on the services they provide, not for the outcome of their care for the patient. On this program, three hospital executives and a physician discuss the push … Continue reading

Access to Higher Education

The recent economic shift has significantly increased competition amongst college graduates in the workplace. In order to maximize the potential of future success for graduates, institutions are placing more emphasis on equipping students with real world and internship experiences. On this program, Davidson College President Carol Quillen discusses the social and economic impacts of liberal arts colleges … Continue reading

Miles of Bad Road

Or so it can feel that way if you judge our infrastructure reinvestment according to this economy and the allocation of NC tax receipts. North Carolina’s affable Secretary of Transportation, Gene Conti shares his vision and tough decisions on the direction of strategy in the ‘Good Roads State’. Ned Curran of Bissell Companies and George … Continue reading

Carolina Econometrics

It is not clear if this is a sign that we are near a bottom in the economy but, it surely seems many people have become even more pessimistic of late. Can it be due to the European drama? Or, is it our domestic political leadership folly? Either way, our annual panel of Economists are … Continue reading

Bank Transfer Day vs. Dodd-Frank

While it’s easy pickings on the big banks, the small community banks have been reaping the manna from the fallout of their larger cousins misfortunes. The broader questions is, will the Dodd-Frank legislation be the brick wall for the smaller financial service providers? And what happens to communities if Community Banks face harsh times? That … Continue reading

Real(ity) Estate

Maybe a little too much reality for many. With the inventory of foreclosed homes still working through the system, Carolina residential, and to a lesser extent, commercial property values are still looking for sustained good news. This week’s A-list panel gives some clarity to where we are in the cycle. Ed Fritsch, Pat Riley, David … Continue reading

Catchy Headlines and Deep Analysis

For more than a decade, we have been proud partners with the venerable monthly publication Business North Carolina magazine. So, it was without hesitation we said yes when we got a call from BNC Publisher David Kinney to participate in their Oct. 2011 cover: BNC Top 30 Cover Story.

Telling it like it is

While the nation’s budget deficit continues to grow by trillions of dollars, there appears to be little agreement on the path to a balanced spending plan. On this special edition of Carolina Business Review, we talk with the co-chairs of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform: Erskine Bowles and Senator Alan Simpson.

Campus Connection

Football returns to the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2013, more than 60 years after the college first tried the sport – only to see the team fold a year later. Chancellor Phil Dubois believes a new football program, while an expensive endeavor, will enhance the experience of its students … Continue reading