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Sustainable Manufacturing

Decades before recycling became a public policy issue for most communities in the Carolinas, Sonoco was reclaiming discarded paper as part of its manufacturing process. The company now benefits from its heritage of environmental stewardship as it works to increase awareness of recycling as an economic engine. Sonoco CEO Harris DeLoach joins John Silvia of Wells Fargo and … Continue reading

Southern Flavor

While audiences become increasingly fragmented in a rapidly changing media landscape, Charleston-based Garden and Gun has found success in publishing what its founder calls an “old-fashioned” magazine. On this program, Rebecca Darwin discusses the national publication with a focus on the south and an interest in a sustainable food supply and land conservation. Dr. Allan … Continue reading

Telling it like it is

While the nation’s budget deficit continues to grow by trillions of dollars, there appears to be little agreement on the path to a balanced spending plan. On this special edition of Carolina Business Review, we talk with the co-chairs of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform: Erskine Bowles and Senator Alan Simpson.

Jobs Act

Unemployment in the Carolinas has remained stagnant in the wake of federal stimulus efforts and state programs aimed at creating jobs. Now, the Obama administration has introduced new policies in hopes of preventing a double-dip recession and finally making a dent in the number of jobless Americans still seeking employment. Four of our region’s brightest … Continue reading

Research Under the Radar

The people behind some of our country’s most widely circulated research rarely receive public credit for their work. RTI International is a research-for-hire non-profit which operates in the Research Triangle under the public radar, yet employs 2500 people and generates more than $700 million in annual revenue. RTI President & CEO Dr. Victoria Haynes shares … Continue reading

Lanier Cansler

North Carolina’s aging and growing population, along with the policies related to health care reform, are projected to double the number of people enrolled in Medicare. The $12 billion question for N.C. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Lanier Cansler is how to manage the skyrocketing cost for publicly administered healthcare. Emma Littlejohn of … Continue reading

Paralyzing Politics

While boisterous political pundits occupy airtime on cable channels and sling words across blogs on the internet, Furman University President Rod Smolla witnesses first-hand the impression this discourse has on young people. On this program, the constitutional scholar shares his thoughts on the downside of social media, the transformative force of the internet on politics, and … Continue reading

The Diplomat

Remember the words from the 1989 Billy Joel song: We didn’t start the fire? “It was always burning. Since the world’s been turning” Well, given Middle East events it seems prophetic……..again. This is the current post for CBR; the most widely watched source for Carolina business and public policy. This time an executive profile with … Continue reading

South Carolina’s Senior Statesman

When it truly seems there is a real dearth of gown up’s in charge, alternatives to the lack of measured, level-headed leadership can be found in the senior ranks. Upstate SC attorney David Wilkins more than qualifies. The Palmetto State’s former Speaker of The House and US Ambassador to Canada has a unique POV and … Continue reading


In NC, the Research Triangle Park has proved that long term thinking can have long lasting and wide reaching effects. Interestingly RTP’s first tenant is not only still there, but has flourished along with the Park. RTI International has taken the opaque business of research and practical application and made it very lucrative for RTI’s … Continue reading