For What It Is Worth

There is something going on. A transition in Charlotte community leadership that is a change worthy of recognition, at least one more time. I refer to the tangible results of our democratic process. The debriefing of Mayor Pat McCrory, County District Attorney, Peter Gilchrist and fomer Mayoral candidate, City Councilman and School Board Vice Chair John Lassiter. After collectively decades in office, all are exiting public life. At least for now.
Why is it worth a mention? Well, it isn’t about their politics or whether you liked or agreed with them. Nor about their voting record in office. It is not about the laws they changed, bills they supported or the number of convictions or citizens helped.
The one, central theme that these 3 leaders maintained their years in office: good character. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Good strategy usually is, but it also tends to be the hardest to maintain.
No, these days character really does count for something. I can’t even begin to list the number of notable people that have fallen from grace so quickly and publicly. Notwithstanding McCrory, Gilchrist or Lassiter’s aggregate record of achievement, personal integrity is the one thing they will be remembered by. Add to it that these 3 had key roles in our community, and it is safe say we were fortunate to have them in positions of influence.
So, I respectfully acknowledge these men for there service. Here is to a New Year, a new adventure and the next generation of Charlotte’s leaders.

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